Surviving January and February

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20. 12. 2012

Surviving January and February

This month I'll try to respond to this request, "It would be great if you could send us a short article on "Surviving January and February, even if you haven't planned on time", for our member stations".

Well the truth is, to start doing that now IS very late, but I'll give you some thoughts,

Pick 5 and only 5 major advertisers in your market that are not using you.

Must be direct and you must have access to the decision maker.

Come up with a 6 week campaign, very high frequency (maybe 100 spots per week)  Put a very low price on the deal,  Really low.

Try to come up with a demo spot to help move the sales along.

Then explain to the advertiser that Jan and Feb are 2 of the worst months in radio advertising so we have a great deal of unsold inventory.  Be honest with them.  This is a one time offer.

Tell them you are offering it to only 5 advertisers and will limit the buy to only 2 of the five, So first come, first served.  Offer will expire on 31/12/2011.  Bonus the salesperson something that they will really like. (like money)

And stick to it.  ONLY sell 2, and don't negotiate the price.  And at the end of the year, if you've only sold one, that's it.  Stick to your deal.

There may be questions and I'm happy to respond on email or Skype.  bud.stiker

Bud Stiker, Radio International Consulting