Your best clients decision maker just quit or was fired

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05. 11. 2011

Your best clients decision maker just quit or was fired

Has this ever happened to you? It sure has happened to me. You have a great relationship with this person and they suddenly leave and a new one is hired.. You go to meet them and they say something like, "Sorry, our company is going in a different direction, TV and Print". OUCH! That hurts. Say good bye to all that advertising money.

Here are a few ways to prevent it.

1)  As you start the account on the air, implement ideas on how to enlarge your Circle of Influence at the client.

2)  A good contact list includes the President, VP Sales and VP Marketing.  Maybe different titles but try to meet the "influencers".

3)  Make sure all the key people get station premiums, pads, T shirts, coffee cups etc.

4)  Invite those keys folks to the station.  Buy a sit down working lunch or coffee and rolls in the conference room.  Have them meet the some of the presenters, especially the morning team, take pictures and post them on your website plus get them framed and hand deliver to them.

5)  Make sure they all have a name tag so station personnel can call them by name AND thank them for their business.

6)  Send all those key a monthly update on what's going on at the station.

7)  And very important keep the copy fresh!

8)  Simply put ladies and gentlemen, you are locking up this business and not depending on that one person any longer.  So everyone at the client tells the NEW person, "We value our relationship with (your station here) we love their people and they work hard for us.  New person will have a tough time ignoring that support. 


Bud Stiker, Radio International Consulting