After Kovacica Radio Days

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09. 12. 2011

After Kovacica Radio Days

This report is about my thoughts on Radio Days at Kovacica. And my first thought was it was wonderful. But I always find myself in a difficult position of being asked my thoughts when I was an active participant. The people in the audience should really be the ones commenting on the weekend.

But with that thought in my mind let me say this.

After so many years in the radio business I often wonder if I can really learn more, and it takes a Conference in Kovacica to show me that I can and do.       

How can you not learn when you listen to the wisdom and solid advice from Rich McClear ?And hear new and exciting things from Lenja Papp. (Lenja is by herself, worth the price of admission)

And Chris Price gave an amazing presentation on creativity and breaking the rules.

Then of course I always learn from the questions asked in the open sessions.  Terrific experience.

The most important thing I feel I learned was the the early struggles forming the RAB are worth it.  It has a bright future but much work needs to be done.  I can only hope to be invited the the RAB Serbia's 10th Anniversary Party.

My best to all, Bud

Bud Stiker, Radio International Consulting