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30. 08. 2011


When I was in school, I HATED homework! I wanted to go out and play sports or be with girls, but homework needed to be done, so I did it. When I finally finished my education I thought I was done with homework.

I was wrong.

In order to be the best salesperson you can be you NEED to do homework AND you need to plan ahead.  Now is the time to be talking to advertisers about their plans for this autumn and even Christmas.

When making a visit to the client you MUST


  1)   know the name and title of the person you're visiting and is he or she the decision maker ?

  2)  it would be helpful to know something personal about him or her.

  3)  have sent a letter or email saying you've got some great ideas for them.

  4)  you know enough about their business to carry on a business talk with them.

  5)  you have copies of their newspaper ads, tape of radio and TV ads and be unafraid to ask which worked well and what did not work.  (this is not easy but very helpful in setting you apart from every other salesperson)

  6)  ask intelligent questions and try not to sell on your first visit.  You are looking for information on their upcoming plans.

  7)  before leaving, set up the next appointment.  Do it while you are there!

  8)  never say anything negative about any of your competitors 

  9)  under promise and over deliver

  10) and finally, and this is incredibly important, you need to have the client know you are there to help him or her to increase their business.  You're not there to just try to sell them something.


Go forth and prosper.  


Bud Stiker, Radio International Consulting